Steel and non-ferrous metals production plants are harsh environments for measurement devices used to control processing operations. Mechanical contact encoders have difficulty measuring the length and speed of hot slabs and billets with any degree of accuracy due to the extreme temperatures and slag-scale accumulation on the product’s surface. These mechanical systems are subject to slippage and debris buildup on the rotating measurement wheel, causing measurement inaccuracies. They also experience mechanical failure and require operators to perform routine calibration, maintenance, and production line adjustments.

LaserSpeed is proven on all types of steel and non-ferrous applications

LaserSpeed eliminates those measurement errors associated mechanical contact encoders because it uses a unique, laser-based measurement technique that does not contact the product. It is permanently calibrated and has no moving parts to wear out. LaserSpeed is proven in numerous mill applications involving:

  • Continuous slab casters
  • Billet and bloom casters
  • Cutting control
  • Elongation control in temper and skin pass mills
  • Gauge control in cold rolling mills
  • And more…

New 0.03% accuracy improves process control, increases productivity

LaserSpeed directly measures the length and speed of your product with ±0.03% accuracy and 0.02% repeatability. It can even measure zero speed (product at standstill) and the direction your material is moving. LaserSpeed’s high level of accuracy will reduce your length and speed measurement errors, enabling you to improve process control and realize real productivity gains.

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