Ceramics & Specialty Materials

The accurate measurement of length and speed is critical to manufacturers of ceramic products and specialty materials. Monitoring the product length during production enables manufacturers to control cutting operations to create quality products that meet exact customer size specifications and quality expectations. Accurate length measurements also enable manufactures to properly position and mark/print on products. Accurately controlling the line speed during production ensures the product is properly shaped, formed, and coated as required. But, if you’re using mechanical contact methods to measure the length and speed of your products, you may be short-changing your productivity and quality initiatives.

LaserSpeed offers accuracy advantages over mechanical encoders

Mechanical contact encoders deliver less than desirable results: accuracies of 1% or more due to slippage from measurement wheels and mechanical issues. The LaserSpeed non-contact encoder directly measures the length and speed of your product with better than ±0.03% accuracy, 0.02% repeatability.

Proven track record of performance, reliability, and savings

The LaserSpeed non-contact encoder is all about high performance and long-term reliability, enabling you to realize the lowest total cost of ownership for a wire range of length and speed measurement applications. No moving parts and permanent calibration translate into no maintenance and maximum production uptime. You win in significant time and money savings. Install LaserSpeed today.

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