LaserSpeed Adjustable Mounting Bracket -- Download the brochure

The LaserSpeed mounting bracket enables you to adjust or tilt the gauge in three directions to achieve the desired measurement angle for your unique application. The upper adjustment screw lets you to tilt the gauge inward and outward for a “non-critical” angle of ±6 degrees. The two lower adjustment screws allow you to slightly rotate the gauge ±8 degrees about the optical axis. Mounting holes on the rear plate give you installation flexibility, and mounting slots permit easy clockwise and counterclockwise rotation up to ±25 degrees for the optimum measurement angle.

The LaserSpeed adjustable mounting bracket works for a wide range of applications involving flat, round, and other profile products, such as wire & cable, extruded materials, paper/film/foil, building materials, and more.

LaserSpeed Adjustable Mounting Bracket
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