Controlling the length and speed of product during continuous and semi-continuous extrusion processes is critically important to producing quality results. Speed fluctuations directly affect the elongation, surface finishing, and hardening of material. Defects can manifest themselves as surface cracking, internal cracking, piping effect, and surface lines. Obtaining accurate length measurements is also important to controlling cutting operations because it ensures materials are produced to specific product size requirements.

LaserSpeed offers significant advantages over contact methods

While mechanical contact encoders can provide length and speed measurement capabilities, they do it with a low level of accuracy. These devices are subject to slippage and calibration changes caused by variations in the diameter of the measurement wheel due to dirt build-up and wear. These problems can affect your product quality and bottom line. The LaserSpeed non-contact encoder directly measures the surface of your moving product with better than ±0.03% accuracy. You get the highest precision length and speed measurements for applications such as:

  • Continuous length
  • Cut-to-length
  • Speed control
  • Elongation control
  • And more…

LaserSpeed gives you applications versatility and productivity savings

Whether you perform cold, warm, or hot extrusion processes, LaserSpeed works on all products regardless of shape, color, or texture. You can use LaserSpeed to measure the extrusion of metals, polymers, ceramics, concrete, and foodstuffs. If you’re looking to realize real productivity gains and cost savings, it’s time you start using LaserSpeed today.

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