Development Timeline

  • 1973 - TSI, Inc. develops first LDV system for fluid flow research
  • 1984 - LaserSpeed introduced to aluminum and steel industry
  • 1994 - Length and speed solution developed for light-duty industrial applications
  • 1997 - Heavy-duty solution developed for mill applications
  • 2003 - Beta LaserMike acquires LaserSpeed from TSI, Inc. (Introduces LS8000/8000E)
  • 2007 - Beta LaserMike introduces LS9000 for automatic direction and zero speed detection
  • 2008 - Beta LaserMike introduces LS8000-3 with enhanced capabilities, long stand-off distance
  • 2009 - LaserSpeed gaining wide acceptance across wide range of industries
  • 2018 - LaserSpeed is ready for Industry 4.0 connectivity, communications and control

The History of LaserSpeed Pro


The origins of the LaserSpeed non-contact encoder can be traced back to its early beginnings with TSI, Inc. – an innovative technology company that pushed the envelope in measurement tools. The first system was designed for scientific purposes, but soon thereafter LaserSpeed was introduced to the industry and offered a highly accurate and effective solution for measuring length and speed in a range of ferrous and non-ferrous metals production applications. Through the years, LaserSpeed underwent a technical transformation making the unique laser-based encoder faster, better and more cost effective. The overall system anatomy has transformed from a larger, complex footprint into a compact, smart design.


LaserSpeed has become synonymous with global leadership in length and speed measurement – offering manufacturers in a broad spectrum of industries a true productivity solution. Now, the world’s best non-contact measurement system is even better! Featuring powerful new capabilities in connectivity, communication and control consistent with Industry 4.0, LaserSpeed Pro integrates more easily than ever into production networks, providing the real-time data exchanges and tight processing efficiencies. NDC Technologies offers wide range of gauges to meet unique budget and application needs. From low-cost solutions…to more comprehensive systems that measure forward/reverse directions and zero speed to systems with environmentally protected housings, the evolution of LaserSpeed Pro continues to meet your most challenging applications. Become part of the LaserSpeed Pro revolution. Explore LaserSpeed Pro today.

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