Tire / Rubber

If you manufacture rubber products that need to be integrated with a system of components, it’s critical that the parts be created to precise specifications. For example, if you produce automotive tires, the inner liner must properly register with the various body ply layers and other key components. Accurately measuring the length and speed of rubber materials during the production ensures you produce the highest quality products to system specifications.

Why mechanical contact encoders fall short of delivering accurate results

Mechanical contact encoders, such as tachometers, rely on the physical contact between the product surface and measurement wheel that turns a counter. Length and speed is calculated from the number of rotations of the contact wheel. But, this technology creates numerous errors due to slippage, debris build-up, and day-to-day wear issues. This measurement inaccuracy results in production downtime, material loss, and frequent maintenance, affecting your profitability.

LaserSpeed non-contact measurement delivers real results and savings

Because LaserSpeed uses laser-based technology to perform measurements, no contact is made with your rubber products. The system captures highly accurate and repeatable length and speed measurements with ±0.03% accuracy. From continuous length…to cut-to-length measurements…to regulating line speeds, LaserSpeed delivers reliable, profitable results. Replace your mechanical contact encoders with LaserSpeed today.

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