Sheet / Film

Like most manufacturers of rolled goods, producers of film- and sheet-type products are under pressure to process and deliver products that meet customer quality and quantity demands. In order to accomplish this, manufacturers need to precisely measure product length and speed to better control the material extrusion process, stretch and draw operations, differential line speed, the length of product delivered to customers, and other conditions. But, many manufacturers still rely on mechanical contact encoders to measure these dimensions not realizing they’re giving away product due to slippage. Contact encoders can also affect material quality and create waste because of damage to the product’s surface and speed control issues to maintain product thickness.

LaserSpeed lets you control measurement accuracy and quality

LaserSpeed provides a real advantage over mechanical-type encoders because it directly measures the product’s surface without contact. This eliminates inaccuracies caused by slippage and other mechanical contact issues. LaserSpeed delivers better than ±0.03% accuracy with an assured 0.02% repeatability. This proven performer can be used to measure any flexible material at any point in the process, independent of transparency and color. Typical materials include:

  • Plastic sheet and films
  • Foam sheet
  • Paper sheet (all grades)
  • Rubber sheet
  • Laminates
  • Special coverings

Get a reliable solution that delivers bottom-line results

If you’re looking to control the length and speed of your film- and sheet-type products, look no further. LaserSpeed is your reliable, quality-driven solution. Once you implement LaserSpeed into your production operation, you’ll see the savings add up quickly. So, replace your mechanical contact measurement devices today and see the difference that LaserSpeed can bring to your organization.

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