Speed control of the web plays an important role in producing quality printing. But, most printing press systems still use drive encoders or contact wheel encoders to measure the speed of the web during printing processes. This can cause measurement inaccuracies from:

  • Paper stretch due to tension or the applied ink
  • Paper slippage on the drive roller
  • Differences in mechanical wheel encoder speed versus actual web speed

Any synchronization issues between the web speed and the print heads on the printing press can create very slight misalignments known as registration errors between printing each color, causing fringing, blurring, or light/dark streaking problems. This trouble lowers your productivity and eats away at your profits.

LaserSpeed provides process control, increases productivity

The LaserSpeed non-contact encoder solves this problem because it directly measures the speed of your product’s surface with ±0.03% accuracy, 0.02% repeatability. More than one LaserSpeed encoder can be installed at critical points along your web line to precisely measure the differential speed between drive rollers and the web. This increased accuracy and reliability helps you control stretch and slippage issues to eliminate registration problems. The result is increased productivity and profits. Install LaserSpeed today.

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