Paper manufacturers produce large orders of rolled products for customers on a daily basis that must meet specific length requirements. In some operations, this requires the manufacturer to accurately measure the continuous product length at the rewind station. In other applications, it requires the tight control of splice speeds between two reels during “flying splice” operations. Other situations require the precise speed regulation of the line to control paper coating applications.

Don’t let mechanical encoders dictate your product accuracy

Many manufacturers have found the hard way that mechanical contact encoders just don’t provide the accuracy required to control the product length and speed at critical points along the production line. Mechanical encoders can lose contact on various paper surfaces due to slippage or web vibration, and require frequent calibration because of mechanical wear and tear. An erroneous length or speed measurement can result in costly product overages and shortages, as well as product scrap and rework.

Get the accuracy advantage today

LaserSpeed Pro directly measures your product’s surface without contacting the material because it uses laser light to precisely perform length and speed measurements. And since LaserSpeed Pro is permanently calibrated, it never requires re-calibration – saving you time and money. With accuracies to ±0.03%, LaserSpeed Pro is the idea replacement for error-prone mechanical contact encoders. There is no substitute. LaserSpeed Pro is your measurement solution for delivering higher quality products that meet exact customer specifications.

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