DataPro 500

Simple To Use

The DataPro 500 is a simple-to-use length and speed indicator for the LaserSpeed series encoders. Any LaserSpeed with a 25-pin connector can be used. The indicator provides the power to the encoder; no other accessories are needed. The indicator is capable of displaying length and speed, selectable from a front panel button. There is also an LED on the front panel to indicate one of many different statuses, such as quality factor, laser on, laser at temp, etc.

Easy Reel/Roll Change

The DP500s dual-relay outputs give the user helpful features, such as reel/roll changeover. In this case, one output is used to signal the slowdown of the line while the second output is used to signal stop and reel/roll changeover.


  • Length & speed display (toggle between)
  • Powers LaserSpeed encoder
  • Dual-relay outputs
    • Relay 1 for approaching target length, which can be
      used to slow the line speed ready for change
    • Relay 2 for target length reached, which can be
      used to stop the line, automate roll change over, etc.
  • RS232 connection for gauge setup
  • Pass-through connection to control PLCs and other devices
  • Laser interlock key switch


  • Air wipe and quick change window
  • Environmental housing
  • Zero-speed/directional wheel
  • Guide rollers/height stand (shown)
  • Guide rollers/height stand (shown)
  • Accessory Case

Length & Speed Indicator


Power Requirements

Input voltage



Max count frequency


Display range

0 – 999999


Sensor RS232

The signals are not used in the LaserSpeed length Indicator and are simply routed from the sensor’s 25-pin DB connector to the 9-pin DB connector

Pass Through

DB-25 connector
(p/n GA5401-0010)

Contact Closures

2 relay outputs

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