Label manufacturers are presented with a host of challenges to produce labels. From controlling the printing of critical information on labels, to applying specialty adhesives and lamination, to ensuring labels are produced and cut to the proper length, and performing other processes, manufacturers strive to produce high-quality products that meet specific customer requirements. Unfortunately if you’re using mechanical contact encoders such tachometers or shaft encoders to measure the length and speed of materials, you may be giving away product, creating unnecessary waste, and maybe even affecting product quality.

LaserSpeed helps you get a handle on product accuracy and savings

Instead of a measurement accuracy of 1 to 2% with mechanical contact encoders, LaserSpeed gives you the capability to control the length and speed of your product with better than ±0.03% precision and 0.02% reliability. Where mechanical encoders fall short, LaserSpeed excels in label applications such as:

  • Continuous length
  • Speed control
  • Cut-to-length measurement
  • Print positioning
  • And more…

Less scrap, more quality, increased uptime

LaserSpeed’s increased measurement accuracy enables you to produce more quality product with less scrap at higher productivity levels. With LaserSpeed, you realize a fast return on your investment. But, your payback doesn’t stop here. You’ll continue to realize real savings each day for the long term. Try LaserSpeed today and see the difference laser non-contact measurement can make in your production operation.

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